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Play with new playpals

Sportever connects you with playpals of the same skill level in your area. Effortlessly plan a match, compete in your favorite sport and boost your motivation by completing missions and winning rewards!

Everyone is welcome - Sportever lets you plan a relaxing friendly match or a hi-energy competitive match.


Compete in popular sports

Get your sneakers and rackets ready! Sportever lets you compete in most popular sports. Compete now in tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis and soon in many more.

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Create a challenge

Up for a chill badminton match to shake the stress away? Eager to show off your cat-like table tennis moves and crush your friend? Depending on how fierce of a competitor you are, Sportever offers you Friendly and Competitive challenge type.

Create a challenge - choose a sport, select the time, pick a place, and you’re good to go! Potential playpals can see your challenge and join you for a match, if you have matching preferences and skill levels.


Complete missions & earn rewards

To get special rewards and unlock achievements, complete missions created by brands. We encourage brands to get creative with designing the game mechanics of the Mission to offer you a compelling experience.

Bravely set out on a mission, have fun and snatch rewards!


Relax or compete

Play a relaxing friendly match, or get into competitive mode and climb the leaderboard. If you choose a Competitive challenge type, your results add up and place you on a leaderboard. You can see how well you’re doing compared to your playpals and decide who to challenge next.


Meet the team

…that connects local sports lovers.

Sportever’s inception was simple - a group of digital experts and sports enthusiasts that worked together on various projects decided to resolve a challenge. We joined our knowledge and expertise to make organizing and competing easy for every sports amateur.

Our diverse team with proven track record partnered with CoreLine to create a platform for connecting local non-professional sports communities.


Bojan Vuina


Mislav Kucanda

Full Stack Developer

Maja Roknic

Product Manager

Ivo Katunaric

Full Stack Developer

Duje Skender

UX/UI Designer


Design & Development

Let’s compete together!

Want to invest in Sportever? Want to connect your brand with local sports amateur communities? Want to test our team’s tennis skills?

Please, email us at info@sportever.app.